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Take your trumpet or trombone or tuba on an adventurous journey and learn brass instruments in a fun and easy way!

My Story

The pieces in my books have been inspired by the students I have taught. I have often thought that there must be a better way to overcome particular learning hurdles. These hurdles (which predominantly concern rhythmic and full chromatic confidence) sprouted ideas that began to evolve into pieces of music. I soon realised that many of these hurdles are universal; they apply not only to my students, but also to all young musicians.

The resulting pieces aim to develop an understanding of the notation system, with the clear objective of music literacy. There is a heavy emphasis on the student becoming fully chromatically competent and, most importantly, in total control of all the counting and rhythmic aspects of playing. Good sight-reading is born from strong rhythmic understanding. In fact you cannot have music without rhythm and pulse. Their absence is the actual definition of noise!

I hope every musician finds these little episodes thought provoking and an enjoyable musical experience that will help develop technique and the goal of a sound music education.

David Farrands

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